Metallic Accessories Trend 2012
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Metallic Accessories Trend 2012

I am in love with metallic accessories, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but is definitely a highlight on the streets this season. Vintage inspired chain jewelry, rock star studs or ultra modern metallic patent bags and shoes. Do you have a favourite among the photos?





  1. mmm i just love mirror-effect leather in all incarnations!

  2. Love them!


  3. Wonderful! I’m in love with metallics… as you may noticed!


  4. I love the metallic accessories so much!

  5. pics 2 and 5 :)) love them :)) want them!


  6. Thanks for your sweet support Dasha dear :)
    Yup I really like the first pic. Metallic envelope clutches are one of my summer “must-gets” so I’ll be thinking to get a metallic one soon!
    And yes, Christine’s superb leather turtleneck with her golden necklace. How awesome is that? I feel happy for having her as director of the local Bazaar. A loyal reader hahahaha


  7. Oooh that fab leather collar!

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Metallic Accessories Trend 2012