Metallic Accessories Trend 2012

I am in love with metallic accessories, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but is definitely a highlight on the streets this season. Vintage inspired chain jewelry, rock star studs or ultra modern metallic patent bags and shoes. Do you have a favourite among the photos?




Dasha Gold

Dasha Gold

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Dasha Gold is the founder, editor and stylist of TheTrendSpotter but also an artist who creatively attacks the routine of getting dressed everyday by taking risks and thinking outside of the box.
Dasha Gold
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Dasha Gold
Dasha Gold

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  1. mmm i just love mirror-effect leather in all incarnations!

  2. Love them!


  3. Wonderful! I’m in love with metallics… as you may noticed!


  4. I love the metallic accessories so much!

  5. pics 2 and 5 :)) love them :)) want them!


  6. Thanks for your sweet support Dasha dear :)
    Yup I really like the first pic. Metallic envelope clutches are one of my summer “must-gets” so I’ll be thinking to get a metallic one soon!
    And yes, Christine’s superb leather turtleneck with her golden necklace. How awesome is that? I feel happy for having her as director of the local Bazaar. A loyal reader hahahaha


  7. Oooh that fab leather collar!

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